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Sunday, 6 May 2012

Hulk's true identity

After watching the new Avengers movie earlier this week (its good, go watch it) something caught my eye. I could not quite get what it was - you know that feeling when you are missing something? Yeah.

And then it hit me. I finally recognized the Hulk for what he is.

Over 9000 hours of photoshop I swear!
He is the lost Primarch of the Angry Marines. It can be no other! Think about it: Hulk has the physique and size of a space marine Primarch, he most certainly has the abilities, and the psychological profile fits the Angry marines to the letter. That leaves another question. What about Banner? Isn't Bruce Banner the Hulk's creator? Nope - its the other way around :) Bruce Banner is the Hulk's creation - a feat of his psyker potential - an active camouflage of sorts - the Hulk laid dormant waiting for the Emperor to find him...but a certain someone's radiation therapy awoke him early.

After all - he said it himself... He is ALWAYS ANGRY! 

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Sounds great, I have to watch the Avengers!

Interesting idea... although maybe the angry marine was based off the Hulk? D:

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