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Saturday, 3 September 2011

On the art of Chainmaille - possible future projects

Right, now while I can keep making the videoclips, they only show possible weaves, not achieved results. This does not depend on me and me only, since big projects take time and money. In the near future I will make first a coif with mantle and quite possibly dedicate several posts on it showing the whole process, and when I eventually receive another order for one - a chainmail shirt. Of course I can't give any time tables especially for the second one.

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Do a bunch of weaves (persian, 2-8, etc) and then do big projects

As long as you keep working on chainmail, it's all good in my book. Your stuff is astounding!

Great stuff, keep working bro

Wow! Videoclips? that sound awwesome

i support you making videos :D!

Great stuff man. Love this chainmail thing you have going on.

You actually make a living out of it or is it just a hobby?

@ Kohla

Mixed actually, I do make some money out of it so its a self-supporting hobby really...

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