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Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Gold by the Bear stream!

Well, not really but the next best thing.

So, I got myself 250 grams of gold-plated copper rings at the price of 20 levs which would be 10 euro or 14-15 dollars. Now, I normally don't do jewellery but I just couldn't resist a bargain. I already wove some of it in simple 4in1 just to see how the rings are handling. Now I wonder what to make from them...(And no, Im not making Amazonian battle thong, even though its tempting. )

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You have to make a Amazonian Battle Thong!! You just have too!

Good luck making something decent with this stuff man. All of your other work has been excellent so I'm sure this will be the same.

Can you weave a golden ring design into a regular chainmail? That would look pretty interesting.

@ Dalf, Actially I can. I've done this before with steel and aluminium rings.

I would very much enjoy learning how to do this strange and wonderful art....

would you then sell it or save it for you?

Hey, battle thongs are trendy now. Go for it haha!

The first thing that came to mind was an Amazonian battle thong. Oh wait, darn!

*Sign* I'm not making one guys...Even if I do its veeery unlikely to appear on the blog because hey if i get to doing something like that I will do it right i.e. it will be 18+ at least.

Actually i hate gold, i think it is overrated and killed by the own society, but good post anyway!

Nice post. I really liked the teaser picture, caught my attention :D

@Fran, considering how quickly copper rusts and that steel jewellery just doesn't cut it I'd say gold is the answer....

Give innnnn to your temptation!

And get a hot model to wear it [;


I shall resist to the end! :)

heh, post cool rings, internet wants battle thong

To be honest this looks fantastic.

Could make some sick looking chainmail with that... :P

id love to see an entire suit made out of the gold chainmail!!, would be awsome

@ Peatree

Naaah too expensive. As in WAY too expensive. Besides that's copper rings with gold plating. I doubt they are durable enough for a whole chain shirt.

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