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Thursday, 15 September 2011

On the Art of Chainmaille - Making a Coif part 2

Right, now that we have the main piece, we join it with two small straps at what will soon be the forehead and the chin.

Before you continue, you need to count the rings of the top row(marked in red). For typical 2mm thick wire and 10mm inner diameter of the rings(sorry but i will use metric system -inches,gauges and the like are not for me) there should be around 50 - 70 rings, depending on the size of the coif.

 Link to previous part

Link to part 3

20 коментара:

Wow very detailed!
Come check me out =) alphabetalife.blogspot.com

yeah, the coif is taking shape. Can't wait to see the complete one. Make some pretty girl wear it for the photo ;)


Sorry to disappoint but you will get the bearded lady. :)

Wow intense, this would get so tedious

Nice coif so far man. Must be so much hard work and effort, you're actually quite inspirational considering how hard you work!

this is coming along nicely, looks really great

How long does it take to make one?


This one is being made from leftovers, so its faster than usual. It takes me several days to 1 week to get one done otherwise. Depends on how hard I work really. If I spit on my hands and go for 8+hours per day I can make it really fast. Of course, experience comes in play. I just know how to handle it.

Cant wait to see the final product!


Soon...Its not that easy to make.

Awesome! I will keep this in mind when I LARP.

@Walmart Security
Its useful everywhere, not just for larp.

Finally a usable chainmail for my LARP.

@ Megamanrocks,

Eh...I'm making a manual no duuuh.. >.>


That ain't done yet.

Looks GREAT! Thanks so much for this tut :P

Do you take commissions? I would love to have a professional like you make me one.

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