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Wednesday, 14 September 2011

On the Art of Chainmaille - Making a Coif(hood of chainmail) part 1

Now as I said, I  showing the process of making a chainmail coif as we go through it step by step. This will take a while, since I AM actually weaving it right now and can't magic it in, so the guide will be spread over several posts. I will try to keep it as simple as possible.

First thing you do is weave a rectangular piece of 4in1 european.

Its about 50sm. long and 24-25 wide. These are NOT standard numbers - I make it my own size. The piece reaches from the top of my forehead to the base of my neck, and from one temple to the other with additional 1-2 sm. of extra length for comfort and to have enough room to fit an arming cap under it. Thats the central piece of the coif. It will be closed with a small strap of chainmail by the forehead and with another slightly bigger piece for the chin. The other main parts are the top and the mantle, but we will get to them later. This one is the easiest, and you simply have to start with it to get the measurements for the other parts.

Part 2 is here:

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That's really great actually :).

that looks very 15st stylish! really nice job

Neat, keep showing us how you make it. I want to learn to make my own.

I never tought I would see the day when weaving would look badass to me.

Great work!


Look at them hooks your granma was using to weave. They are VICIOUS man!You can end up like a shishkebab. Now don't tell me that's not badass.Besides you end up with a comfy sweater.

I'm fascinated by this skill you have. Much respect.

Im amazed at how uniform you make these, Im sure if I tried it would end up lopsided and looking like crap


You wouldn't if you follow the instructions and the guides I give. Chainmail is NOT cloth. It does not behave in the same way, you can identify the mistakes, and they are by all means repairable.

this seems pretty neat! Thanks, I'll use this if I ever need to make this for a festival or something like that :-)


Or reenactment, SCA, whatever. :) Should pass muster on all of em.

Ther metal rings are really expensive in germany. Where do you get yours?

Making the Rings is pretty easy actually. Just buy a pair of "flush" wire cutters, a spool of wire in the gauge and type you want (would NOT suggest steel, VERY hard to manipulate...maybe try a copper or base metal for first try...)and something like a knitting needle with the width in diameter you want.

Take the wire and wrap it around the knitting needle somewhat tightly, make sure you can fit the wire cutters between the spirals. Take the spiraled wire off the needle and draw a STRAIGHT line from the starting point down the length of the spiral and CUT the wire along that line, that will give you the rings you need to start.

To add to the post I added above here is a link to the book that gives you a step-by-step of the European weave this person is using... HAVE FUN, And patience^^


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