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Monday, 29 August 2011

On the art of chainmaille - Cross of Iron

So far well and good. But so far on the blog are only basic weaves and tools. So, what can you do with only what's present?

As an example - this cross. Its 4in1 spiral made from copper plated rings for the chain, and 4in1 box from standard galvanised steel rings for the cross itself.

22 коментара:

I remember once a hobo in a trenchcoat tried to sell me something like this.

Keep up the great work with the blog and success will be yours! Any tips or anything I can help you with get in touch and I'll try my best!

Thank you, i'm actively trying to get it right here.

Dude. You should totally try selling your products. I bet you'd make a good buck. Maybe on etsy or something. :)

yea man i agrreeee u should sell this

reminds me 'bout diablo II amulets,
so awesome!

that is bloody awesome mate, nice

@ my day in a sentence

I have sold pieces and taken requests before.

that's pretty badass actually. Good work!

Very nice. Love this stuff.

i need to get some chains to make this cool stuff.

Do you sell these? At flea markets and such?

@AllenTesch. Friends and friends of friends requests actually.

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