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Thursday, 25 August 2011

For english readers

There are two versions of every blogpost made, one in english, one in bulgarian. To browse only the english versions simply pick the EN tagged ones.

19 коментара:

HAHA! Now I know, and knowing is half the battle!!

Indeed. And, now I have a reason to grab the camera again and make more vids, or write on other topics. In before anyone else - the Heroes VI demo is plain bad. Interface sucks.

amazing. my friend sergei is bulgarian so i will recommend this to him. FOLLOWED!

will be following your posts :)

No problem, mate! :)

What part of Bulgaria are you from? I was there once. A great country! :)
You had some cheap alcohol! ;D

Following, mate! :)

We still have cheap alcohol and we plan to keep having it. Yes our statesmen rob us blind right in front of our eyes and rub it in but there is one thing they would never, ever touch and that is our right to make our own booze and screw EU regulations. Unless of course a you want a bloody revolution. Last one we had was bloodless and its time to try the other way.

Booze and revolutions!? AWESOME

Following!! and thanks for the convenience!

Looking forward to hearing some news from down there...

Easy enough to understand.

I think I'll get this lol

glad you provide english your stuff is pretty great

Always wish I had some chain mail.

Not too hard to make some yourself, thats what this is about or get some online.

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