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Sunday, 28 August 2011

By popular demand...

Here is one of my chainmail bras in action. Now scurry away you unbelievers. Shash delivers.

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You actually made someone wear that bra, respect!

Haha this stuff is wicked.

You ever thought about weaving some leather strings/straps through the bottom edge so it could be tied easier? And replacing the chainmail shoulder chains-straps with leather too?

I have, but leather is expensive and I have little experience with it.

Nice one my friend! Great job!

Wow, I never knew chainmail could look so appealing. Cool bra bro.

Oh, she fills it up nicely. Now have her do one without the bra. Or anything, for that matter. ;D

My god this is too awesome haha!

Nice chainmail and boobs

i guess it would be quiet heavy haha

nice update I wondered what it would look like in the last post lol

haha nice! that is pretty badass!

I loved it, gonna gift my friend

lol perfect for when you need a scamtily clad maiden in distress

You could add some leather to it, and it would be a medieval enthusiast's wet dream

lmfao! thats actually brilliant

Awesome, cant imagine it being too comfortable though.

freaking awesome man, props

Nice, a true talent for an old world craft.

Chainmail bra. Crazy but awesome at the same time!

Totally badass, I gotta say

I'm going to buy this bra for my girl :D

this awesomeness just made my day

damn, just made me chuckle a little.

But... but... she's wearing clothes under it! Not fair.

lol, this was popularly demanded? No surprise!

Veddddy nice. Hope that's not your sister.

It'd be more of a distraction then a piece of armor, none the less, still useful.

Fair play bro! nice handy work ;D

NICE!! Now I want some chain-mail!

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