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Friday, 26 August 2011

Picking up the pace

Guess I will have to. Initially I planned only to make a few videos to save me time. I have to teach a lot of newbies how to make chainmail and it gets quite frustrating at times, you better believe it. Wasted many hours with one particular guy who was too lazy to get a camera and make a few shots of his work so that I know what the hell is he doing wrong(as it turned out eventually - everything.) Still, I can get around a vid or two per week and something extra too.

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Good luck with those newbies.

Its much, much easier when its face to face...

Keep it up! I like the chain mail vids!

I'd imagine it would be pretty damn tough to teach a n00b how to make chainmail

Its not a problem to show someone the basics. Anyone can pick them up and from there on its just a matter of a working habit doing it at a decent speed without making mistakes. Decorative weaves are a problem though and take experience.

do videos requires a lot of time i think, but if you have to do, do it, good luck

nice post

Oh man I give you respect for teaching, If it was me I wouldn't have lasted long. Good luck!

looking forward to the videos, and congrats for patience :)

love your chainmail pieces keep up the videos!

God. I'd hate if I had to teach noobs anything. :S

I love your chainmail pieces

lazy people will be lazy. Just keep being positive!

looking forward to the videos

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