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Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Separated political commentary in another blog

Fresh out of the mold - http://shashandtheworld.blogspot.com/
I know political discussion can get ugly, and while I do want to scratch my tongue on it, I don't want all the mud throwing to happen here.

14 коментара:

Cool, I'm gonna check out your new blog now.

I'll have to check this out and follow it. I'm not the biggest fan of political discussion though and like you I hate when it can get out of hand. Pretty good idea for a separate blog buddy.

Luck with your new blog!
I'm following both now!

i dont like so much the political..but i'll look that blog

nice post

@ aamedor

If previous experience is anything to go by, its totally a good idea.

I will throw mud i I want to, and I don't want to righ now.

good idea! nice blog :D +following

Yea best to separate passion from politics. The hysteria just isn't worth it.

i am not fan of politics.. but you know what i do like... you fighting in your armor with some enemy :D and please video on youtube !

@Bootbeat I got half a dozen videos on youtube doing that :)

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