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Friday, 26 August 2011

On the art of Chainmaille Box chain 4in1

Box chain 4in1 is of moderate difficulty, but it makes a sturdy chain. It is a strip of european 4in1 that is enclosed on itself. You can make it of any length necessary.

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That is a pretty cool type of box chain as said above it does take patience.

great stuff! I wish I had the skill to make something like this!

I havent understood what this is, bro

Its not hard Timothy. I even taught my girlfriend how to weave. Well, she mostly worked with the copper and aliminium rings, she has rather delicate hands that will be callused in no time from the steel rings.

@ Tobi

Its medieval chainmail in its many variations - right now, as a decoration. You should be listening to some more skandinavian viking metal and rock in addition to the classics.

Yeah I'll try to ahahaha

@ Shash
Don't know if you read the answer on my post, but when i said Bob Dylan unknown, I was ironic..

You better believe that I was ironic too. Contrary to popular belief, ex-soviet republics are not full of Lenin portraits and nothing else.

I would definitely fight dragons wearing this stuff.

Depends on the type of dragon. What mythology are we talking about here?

ohh gravy i wish i had the patience for that.

Man I'm too lazy to do this kind of things

seen some of this stuff before, would be a cool hobby.

How long does it take? forever?

Did the video for 25 min, uploading included...

lol im gonna have to have a go at making chainmail one day

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