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Saturday, 11 February 2012

First it was the torrents and I did nothing...

Yeah once more im joining the crowds that are going against Sopa, Acta, Pipa or however else you want to name it. I'm also here to deliver a warning. We will all die in horrible pain if they are not stopped. Why? Because bunny says so. And you better listen when bunny speaks.

 If you are not worried about your own personal safety, at least do it for the kittens ok?
 I mean its what the internet is made for - kittens. Why are you here if you don't love em?


8 коментара:

Great stuff man, more people need to see this! ACTA has to go, at least we have until June to fight this off though.

Shared it with everyone I know, in the hopes that the amusement might help people get motivated. Thanks Shash!

i agree, PIPA does need to go.

stop making cute stuff, youre making me squee with joy º3º

Power to the people... and kittehz and bunnehz

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