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Sunday, 26 February 2012

Lego armor - the Warhorse

Its lego time again! And yeah, first it was the rider, now its the horse!
The armor is removable like all of my previous projects. I might modify it a bit but thats all. I'm also working on improved version of my lego minifig armor - the problem there is the size of the rings...so im making custom micro rings which are even smaller. 
First pic - the horse and the rider both in lego chainmail armor.

 Top view.
 Back view
 And two 3/4 shots.

It turned out better than the lego minifig armor mostly because of the above mentioned ring size problem. It IS being adressed though. Of course it will be a while until results come out of this. Stay tuned.

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This is so cool man, love this idea.

Lego's are so cool, I collect a lot of the Star Wars ones.

Everything you make is so cool... it's the kind of stuff you wish you had as a kid!

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