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Sunday, 26 February 2012

Starting weekly(or so) featurette

Oookay since I'm hardly a workaholic, I can't produce nearly enough projects to keep this blog regularly updating, so I will start featuring other blogs&sites of handmade artists, crafters, medievists and such. After all they all could use the extra publicity and besides most of their stuff IS interesting.

The pilot episode of my featurette will be Mediavisticals
Started by some of my favourite reenactors from Chigot (as we call them - the Chicool guys). Its 6 months old by now but they started effectively posting only recently. What can be seen there is a number of articles showing the items crafted by Chigot, be they medieval clothing, weapons, armor or accessories and daily items, with the occasional stray post. Now they are still filling it in, its not that they don't have stuff to post, so keeping an eye out will be a good idea. I know for once that I am...

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Great idea for a featurette mate, I'm definitely going to need to check out this Mediavisticals blog now after reading this.

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