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Wednesday, 1 February 2012

The warrior kitten

Beware, beware for he is coming....
And - he's not named yet. I couldn't  decide on a name, so I'll set up a poll for this. Also taking suggestions in the comments.
Finally finished my latest mini project - the awesome warrior kitten, ready to rise up to all challenges. 

Moderately difficult project. Nothing too tiresome for my eyes. Used gold plated links. As with all my projects the armor is removable with ease, and since its on a life size plushie it could on theory be placed on a real kitten, but I have no intention to try something like this. 

Anyway - here's the rest of the photos. 

In other news...I'm not too good. Its my last semester in university. After that its diploma time and then bye bye. And i'm not very certain i want to be a lawyer anymore - kinda freaking out because of all this....

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I love the chainmail man, especially the demotivational aspect to it too, awesome. As for not wanting to be a lawyer any more maybe, well you know that in these things you'll be guaranteed to feel doubt man but it's not always worthy of feeling. Give it some time and give it a good think, with one semester to go there's certainly no point in throwing in the towel right?

Lil lion is fully prepped for battle!

How about Armory? Cute enough?

omg so cute ºwº, when will yous top, next you will put chain mail and armor your dog or cat :D, dont make it heavy heheeh, and if i saw a tiger lione and went into a car, then now i will have to getinside a tank

"its an armored lion, get in the tank"

A. I come from a family of attorneys, stick with it!
I love the chainmail and creative aspect to your blog, good work

Haha, looks epic, wish I could make something like that.

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