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Sunday, 29 January 2012

My newest addition to the armory

So, this Friday, after finishing with great success the university exam session - 5.5 average out of 6 max on the grades - that would be something like A- for you english speakers, and getting some money in my pocket, I decided to buy myself a little gift which I've been thinking about for a while. So I went to the center where there are half a dozen hunting/weapons shops and bought myself a pistol crossbow.

The absolutely cheapest variety - for about 10 bucks or so. Gotta say, so far I'm impressed by this little bastard, as the holes in my wardrobe will testify. It has good power delivery for its 20kg pull strength, and it was a real bugger to put the bow string on - I got no problems to string bows, but bows are well - bigger, I have more room for leverage.
I already did a few things to it - namely, removing the sights, which would hardly be useful anyway as far as im concerned, and adding a bit of cushioning to the cocking mechanism - my fingers are taking enough abuse as it is anyway. Basically, I'm going to mess with this one until it breaks. At 10-15$ per unit, I really don't care if it does, because its awfully cheap and even if it does all I need is the bow(its steel) and the string, I can make a new body for it.

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That's such a cool crossbow buddy, it's well deserved too considering how well you did, congratulations on those results.

Its a bit damaged already. Pity...

Thats awesome, I've always wanted one of these bad boys!

so that's the reason why you were really interested in the crossbow thread

We use a plenty of these in Croatian LARP :)

Its a bit tricky to design larp safe ammo for it, that would also fly good.

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