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Thursday, 12 January 2012

The golden bikini of awesomeness(and win)

Been a while since I made a one these! Most fun you can have for a couple of hours indeed, especially the fitting&measuring part.

Needless to say there isn't nearly as much fun without making some slightly naughty photos. However I gotta keep this place following the rules so  PG13+ warning here.

Unfortunately, now I'm going to bore you with design notes. This is not my first piece of chainmail bikini, but definitely the best so far. Design wise - its simple. I attached the cups to an ordinary bra, which helped a lot with putting it on and off and keeping it comfortable. I used gold plated rings for jewellery which was also a good idea. I've made chainmail bikini from the same steel links I use for armor, and while the results are ok, its  a good several hundred grams, which is simply unsuitable. These copper links weight much less. Work time is just several hours with a price tag of supplies about 10$. If you feel like it, you can surprise your girlfriend too with one of these in just 1 afternoon.

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That's awesome and your girlfriend looks amazing. Great work as always buddy.

Sexy and protective. I like it.

a bit skimpish, but im sure some girls at conventions might like to fashion it ;O fantasy MONTH!

Nice! The next time I lead my legion of female warriors into battle, they will surely be waring this armor. Side note, is anyone looking for war on a Florida Beach maybe?

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