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Monday, 2 January 2012

Lego armor - new and improved

Happy new year everyone!

Here is the second version of the armored lego. Now the chainmail is a much better fit, and the coif looks much better.I will do version 3 though - will try for classic norman armor - coif integrated in the hauberk.

The front is slit(as it should be) so walking is OK.

 The back is now symmetric and completely covered.

 The coif has a proper bishop mantle from gold plated rings. Its easy to fall off though, nothing I can about about that. Maybe an elastic tied in the rings?

 And finally - full chainmaille gear.

 The sides can't be closed off - it blocks arms movement. Better results are possible with smaller rings, but I doubt I can get any smaller - besides I don't think i can find the tools for such tiny work.

9 коментара:

I love this, especially the arrow to the knee joke, keep up with the good work man.

This was the first arrow to the knee joke that got a chuckle out of me, well done.

Finally, a version of that meme that is actually funny.

that's pretty sweet, liked the skyrim joke too.

Actually so awesome... when my cousin was little, he used to tie string around their lego heads and spin them until their bodies flew off. With this, they might have stood a chance. xD

Wouldn`t want to upset this guy.

Sadly for that joke, chainmail won't protect against arrows, they're too thin and fast, the pressure will pop open chainmail rings xD

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