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Friday, 2 September 2011

On the art of Chainmaille - Dragonscale

Dragon scale is not easy to make. Its very thick and inflexible(but looks good). Not saying this is the best way to do it, but its mine. You need 2 types of rings and the small ones should be able to pass through the big ones.I am using differently colored rings to make it easier to discern what goes where. The rule of thumb is, that small rings only go through big rings and vice verca. Small rings do not link with other small rings and vice versa.

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That looks incredibly fiddly to make. Fantastic results, though!

@DRJT, Dragonscale is slow to make, you gotta do it ring by ring and its very thick and heavy, weights a lot more than simple 4in1

Very cool tutorial. Chainmail seems a lot of fun.

This is interesting. Always wondered how this was done.

wow you really have nice pulse! interesting :D

Wow, that must take a lot of time...

But yeah, it looks so cool! I hope I had enough patience.

really cool stuff. I wish my fingers weren't so big or else I'd pick up this hobby

The last time i tried something related with patience, 5 rubix cubes was destroyed in the way.
Anyways, I know like 4 persons interested in this video, thanks!


Eh, easiest way to do the rubix cube is to repaint the blocks.

very good tutorial. now I can make crafts haha
great post

@Damon, Da force is strong with you, but you are not a Jedi yet >:3

Very neat video, very original.

The big Renaissance festival that goes on here every year starts today. It goes from Labor day to Columbus day, weekends only. It's a pretty big deal. There's only like one shop that sells chainmaille, though. Which is surprising.

@ LexxxLucius

Not really. Maille ain't so easy to make.

I've never seen this done before but I'm enjoying it

doesn't look like something i could do, not very good with those sorts of things :(

Id like to see a large piece of this when you get done this looks much more complicated wondering if its worth the effort visually

@Ammedor, in one of the previous posts I gave a photo of the only item i have made from dragonscale.

it looks so cool, but such a process!

I now know how to make armor. this may take a while but if zombies attack. this is something i am going to use.

@John. You better believe it...Good luck biting through a good solid 10mm/2mm european 4in1. Your teef will come out first.

Totally not my cup of tea :) My fingers are just too clumsy.

this looks seriosuly cool, but also like a lot of effort hehe :)

Definitely looks interesting, but time-consuming too. If you enjoy it, awesome.

This is cool i did not know that this art was still in practice. keep it up! +follow

This takes a lot of patience and time. I know because I worked in a jewelry store, I had to make a lot of Chain necklaces lol

These are the kind of things I wish I did in my spare time... +follow

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