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Sunday, 18 September 2011

Last day of freedom

Well, its on tomorrow - official ceremony and all that aaaaaand the university year starts in earnest. Can't say I am too happy about that. Program for the first semester is already out and it seems I will be busy 6 days in the week. Adding injury to insult, most of the lectures and courses are around midday, which means that with travelling time included, I will use up the whole day no matter how many hours I actually have there. That will mess up my intern job like nothing else. Quite annoying really. Being last year as I said before does not help things, state exams etc and a full time job are waiting on the horizon, and the fact that I have lost much of my initial taste for studying law and practising it brings some bad implications. I am not too thrilled with an attorney's position - now that I have seen the system first hand. True law is not limited to attorneys and lawyers, there are many other jobs for someone who has studied it, but a quick search has shown me, law students are among those have the hardest time finding a job relevant to their studies. I can't even start something else in the same university. Since its state sponsored, taxes for the semester are very low, but you can't sign in again once go through it once even if you are willing to pay much more. That leaves only the private universities as a possible choice and they are expensive to say the least.

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Best of luck to you my good man. I too am taking school and my classes go towards the whole afternoon and it eats up so much time. I've then realized how time is very limited.

Best of luck with uni tomorrow mate, you'll be fine buddy. I'm in the same boat as you right now starting university very soon and it's making me very nervous so I understand mate. Good luck.

Agh that's rough, but education is pretty crucial these days, it's worth the sacrifice.

@ Sub-Radar-Mike

I'm not so sure anymore.

Damn, that's pretty harsh. One plus of living on campus is a smaller commute, but that's it.

Oh well, final year to tough out. Best of luck.


Actually, I am not allowed to live on the campus due to living in the same city.

Yeah, Law school related jobs are reaaaaaally hard to find. Good luck in school

That is screwed up, but good luck with it. Though if you smash it, you could be doing pretty well for the rest of your life.

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