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Monday, 12 September 2011

New day, new purchase.

Like I said, I went to that store today and too my time browsing their inventory. It was well stocked and to be honest I could not buy half the things I wanted but I still did not leave empty handed and made some notes for the future investments - a monocle or magnifying glass for a starters. The reason why?

Well, here you can see the gold links I used to make the previous ring compared to the golden and copper ones I bought today with a coin and a nail clipper to get an idea for the dimensions we are talking about.

I made another ring out of them as you can see, using both the copper and gold but my eyes are very tired and hurting like hell. I won't be trying something that small for a while.

I apologise for the poor quality of the photos - but I can barely see right now.

13 коментара:

It'd be impossible for me to make something with such tiny pieces.

that looks absolutely freaking awesome..

Nice. Some great work went into making that with such tiny bits to work with. Excellent job there buddy.

You must have very agile fingers to be able to craft something so intricate.

wow thats some great work, and your photos look fine

you make some super cool stuff!!

You won't be seeing another in a while...I'm sticking to armor...

I would probably go blind trying to make something like that. Nice work.

totally unrelated but I love how your coins look like over there


Wait, only the coins :)

jewellery making can be both satisfying and financially rewarding. The ring very nice, quite intricate. +followed

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