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Monday, 5 September 2011

Achieving the 5 year plan in 7 days

100 followers...eh, not bad for a newbie. Though its likely the chainmail bikini helped a lot.

Note to self. Produce more chainmail bikini. Find girls for models.

14 коментара:

100 followers is much more than me! Keep it up man [:

I could model the chainmail bikini. but i don't know if anyone would want to see that.

Noooo...I think not. Or the very least it will go so far beyond Google 18+ ratings that it will make a full loop.

More chainmail bikini's please! Congratulations on those 100 followers buddy.

Bikinis are awesome, chainmail is awesome, girls wearing bikinis are awesomer, and girls wearing chainmail bikinis are the awesomest.

Well done sir.. +1 follower

yeah, very nice :) +1 follower :)

I need one for my girlfriend :O +F

yes please, use female models!


Well if you can provide some...

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