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Wednesday, 21 September 2011

On the art of Chainmaille - making a coif part 3

Right, we are down to the top piece. Here is a finished one. The top is the most complex part of it, so it's making will be shown separately.

We start attaching it. Might be best to put something inside.

And we are done in no time.

Now we have a completely usable coif, but we are not finished yet.

There is one last bit to attach and that's the mantle, but we will get to it soon.

 Link to previous part

Link to part 4

18 коментара:

I want a coif too. Some amazing tough to do work involved here buddy, very well played.

i'd wear it like it was going out of style.

So, how do you "test" these?

What. The Renaissance Festival is running for two more weeks where I live, and I'd love to sport one of these.


Well, how do you think we test em ^^ In the field of course.
Lot's Wife.
You just need several days(especially with a helping hand) to get it done.

Soooo cool, I'm gonna try to make this :D

you could not even cut that with a sword

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