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Saturday, 27 August 2011

On the art of chainmaille - old stuff.

Dragonscale Coif.
4in1 coif with bishop mantle - small gauge rings.
Chainmail bra.

MADNESS I TELL YOU! Also my full hauberk.

A collection of some of my bigger works - a dragonscale coif, a unique item, there are very few to be seen on the internet and it was damn hard to make it. An ordinary and quite heavy coif with mantle piece, served me well. A piece of chainmail bikini. It was made for the lulz and yet not only for the lulz. They are fun. Aaand my biggest piece - my long sleeved, knee long hauberk. 

38 коментара:

Cool I like the chainmail bra haha

Great pictures within the post! Excellent to look at! Keep up the great work because you're excellent at it!

the chainmail bra is pretty awesome

impressive, those must have taken some time to make.

All of those are really awesome, but the bra definitely sets itself apart.

get a girl to wear that chainmail bra lmao

I have...they were all for girls. Including my own girl.

That's fucking awesome! Hahahah the bra is amazing kudos

I like that bra, would look good on my girl!

Well if it isn't the chainmail cowboy :D Brilliant, followed

@ Alex - not one bit, even if its not 100% well made. Only problem is with people with long hair. IF they don't tie it and put on a hat, they will say goodbye to the long hair.

Bra is cool and all, but got a thong to go with it?

Cool stuff.

Not a thong but a belt. A thong would chaff a girl on some places where it totally shouldn't

haha that looks cool man , medieval armor

Chainmail bra... now that's not going to be very useful in a fight is it?

Not one bit. If you want to fight you need real gear not decorations.

Fuckin' awesome man, you made that? Sooo tough. +follow

Those pictures are freaking epic.

is the long one really yours ? that's AMAZING ... i don't know how to make something like that but how long did it took to make it ?

Wow, interesting items, lol

Interesting... style!

+followed. Keep up the good work mate

lmao with Chainmail bra.

nice post

Soooo how much for the bra? I thought it would look good on my gf :P

I can make you a bra cheap. Thats not the problem. Delivery will be.

That chainmail bra looks awesome.

A chainmail bra!@ How cool lol!!

I actually need some chainmail for a medieval-themed wedding. Nice.

those are very well made!

I honestly would love to sit down and learn to make chainmail

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