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Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Ironclad (no update proper, working on it)

I don't have a quality camera right now, and webcam clips are shitty for the purpose at hand. Meanwhile - thats my current attire. Weights around 25 kg. Protects like the proverbial bauws of legend.

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wow that uniform is badass man

@aamedor, eh its a chainmaul hauberk, shinguards, arming cap, coat-of-plates, spaulders, coif, arming cap and a kettle hat with a visor.

Well I'm pretty sure when it comes out. It will be good.

You could go to battle with some armor like that.

Thats some cool ass armor you got on mate!

i would buy that in a heartbeat if i had the money.

@Odis If you don't have the money, read the archive of the blog and start learning how to do it yourself. Comes cheaper. The two things which are not my own make here are the shinguards(cost me 22$ too nice bargain to miss) and the helmet(70$ Not that I couldn't get one myself but this was readily available...)

Awesome armor. My friend likes medieval reenactment too.

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