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Saturday, 18 February 2012

Medieval crossbow guide

This is NOT made by me nor do I take credit, but it comes from a certain hungarian who will probably read this soon anyway. This is a (very picture heavy) guide on making a moderately powerful medieval crossbow.

First the lever for the trigger.

Now the piece from which the nut will be made - its from bone. Feel free to improvise.
Side view of the body - still a lump of wood, but you can see how the lever goes.

Top view.

After shaping the body.

Preparing the front.

Another look at the trigger, some extra holes& carving done.

Now the actual mechanism.
 There is a small steel spike here to stop the nut from being worn out by the lever.

The bow.

The holding piece.
 The parts after some finishing touches and finally - assembly.

This is what the end of the string looks like. 

Now this is for a fairly low power crossbow and the design can be modded for more durability. Anyone who tries this only needs to know the mechanical principles after all. I for once would add a thumb holder for the bolts.

7 коментара:

Awesome guide man, thanks for sharing this.

and here is a pic with a bolt too

also you can see that the nut was fixed to it's place by cords (authentic solution)

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This medieval crossbow is also very nice! I will make a prod like this one but...with limbs of an bow or a metal bow buyed for this effect...probably the megaline firm 150#. I appreciate a lot your Blog and this article. Congratulations and thank you!
Octávio Oliveira from Lisbon (Portugal)

I started to make my first crossbow and it look so good.
Medieval Crossbow

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