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Thursday, 9 February 2012

Bloody cold weather

Uuuuh the damn frost is killing me. With most of my classes being in the afternoon, my sorry self gets frozen. Program for the last semester could be better, no argument here. Still I can't complain...if was on the campus or the student dorms I wouldn't have to drag my behind for 2 hours due to not having a car, but then I again when I get home, I get in home home - not some room shared with 2-3 others. The cold is stopping my work dead in its tracks - no way to work on the balcony like that, I value my fingers way too much, not to mention losing any desire for hard labour. Some good news is that all the effort gathering my savings in a bank deposit is slowly paying off. Too slowly of course, but it can cover the internet bill for now.

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Sorry to hear about the weather man but it's good to hear your efforts are paying off after all!

I feel you, pro. I hate this weather and I hate campus`s and dorms.

It's weird, most places in north america right now are strangely warm, meanwhile europe is freezing... jet streams can be so strange.

Indeed. It was never this cold here as far as I remember,

Yeah, I feel like I live in Skyrim

sucks the most when you have to walk INTO the wind cuz thats where your class is.....

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