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Sunday, 6 November 2011

Chainmaille Turtle

Ok, so in the comments on the previous post, Razzy asked for a turtle. Now being such a nice guy as I am(NOT) I made him one.

Well, like with the puppy it takes a bit of an artistic eye to see the animal of course. I made it by modifying one of my Celtic stars. What I can do here, is try and secure the shell tighter to the body, bit of a problem so far, but I will try to solve it soon. Used the gold, and copper plated rings for it. Taking more suggestions on! Come on, I don't bite, and its not as if I want you to pay for it or something, just keep it simple - no Taj Mahal/ Big Ben/ Wall Street/ whatever made from chainmaille.

I promise to do my best.

8 коментара:

This is so awesome man, excellent work as always. Nice post.

Nice work. It doesn't look like a turtle to me at the firste glance, though. Nevertheless, it's an interesting shape and I can easily see it put on a display of some jeweller's : ) Looks like combination of chainmaille, geometrical, regular shapes and noble metals (i.e. gold, platinum, etc.) makes a terrific little work of art! Keep on the good work coming : )

New idea! Get a white t-shirt, and make chainmail letters on it saying "shashaveli" :D

Nice idea, i like the turtle! I'll give you 7/10 :D

Sexy turtle. Now all it needs is an armor shell ;D

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