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Wednesday, 2 November 2011

This should keep my engines running for a while.

Bought a new batch of tiny links. Copper, gold-plated and  rhodium plated rings too. Should be a while before I have to visit that store again to buy more. Question is what to make with them :)

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Nice stuff man. I can't recommend anything to make in particular but good luck with it! I know whatever you do will undeniably be awesome as always!

A full suit of life-size chainmail armor! ....well ok, maybe that's a little too ambitious.

So much potential lies in those tiny plastic bags.

Perhaps you could make a custom chainmail armor for a cat.

That would require a cat though...I got a dog...

Looks like nice stuff!
Nice blog.

Get a pet hamster.
Then a pat gerbil.
Make armour for both.

@ Razzy

Challenge accepted!
@ Vague

Hmmm getting the pets will be easy, making the armor will be easy too, but putting it on and getting them to fight...not so much.

How long will it take you?

The possibilities are endless!

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