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Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Mini medieval crossbow model

Again with permission here's another of maister Aule's works. Following the same design and steps in his 15th century crossbow guide he made a miniature version. Photo quality is a bit bad, but you can see what's what on the big crossbow guide.

Here it is, half way through assembly - the wooden parts are carved out already, same goes for the lever and nut.

 Close shot of the body.
 Another shot of all the parts before assembly.
 Here it is, there is just no string attached yet.
Close shot of the trigger lever and nut.

 And finally the finished mini medieval crossbow next to a Nokia.
Here it is loaded for bear.
 And here it is test fired on a Suchard chocolates box. I wonder if there is a deeper subtle message in here? We might may never know.

 As you can see, its the bane of all chocolate boxes.

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Looks nice, well done!

Cute and deadly. The perfect combination!

To compensate, medieval crossbows were often many times the draw weight of the bow used here, and thus required the use of a belt and hook, Goats Foot or Windlass to draw. This made them much slower than the longbow. I await your response BRO. Let's see you actually disprove something this time or come up with a decent reason to feature a complicated and outdated medieval weapon in a game set 200 years in the future that has laser guns.

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