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Monday, 19 December 2011

Stop SOPA already

You know I should really be writing this in my political blog, but this one gets more attention so I'm going for it here. As they say in South Park:
SOPA is bad mmkay?

No, really it is. The other law that allowed indefinite detention without trial is bad for americans only, and well - thats your internal problem. But SOPA will cause problems for the rest of the world too and that's a whole different story. I'm fifth year law student, I've learned at least something from my time in university and I can tell when something is complete garbage without a second glance.
Law making is one of the most problematic areas of creative work. We'd done some practical work already, there is nothing easy about it. Laws need to be accurate, as foolproof as possible, suited to the public needs, following the local constitution if there is one. Basically, an awful lot of things that SOPA is not. That does not even merit questioning and debate. The internet is perfect as it is, its the one thing that is under no one's rule. The very notion of trying to do so is an attempt for control over the free form of information. And he who wants to deny you information, in the end, always seeks to control you.  What everyone seems to say about it, is that SOPA has provisions that bring up the possibility of it being misused. Excuse me? Of course it will be misused!That's why it was designed this way! It was also completely over the top - a classic in this case. They can cut back 1-2 steps to show willingness to compromise but in the end, the same deal will be shoved down our throats.

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I agree so much with this man. I'm probably going to end up posting this at some point too to try and stop this SOPA thing, the whole concept it ridiculous.

Thanks for helping to spread the word, we need to rise up and protect our internet!

I agree completely. It must be stopped.

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