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Wednesday, 28 December 2011

The smallest(and most adorable) barbarian in the horde

Right, so on this Christmas my cousin Nevena - a charming lil' girl got the chance to try out wearing  real steel armor. Not exactly the proper gift for a little girl, but then again Nevena ain't into dolls anyway and did not complain about it being heavy at all. It was a bit of a challenge to gear her up- the helmet especially was way too big for her head so I had to pad it quite a lot. She found the whole ordeal really funny and she even wants to come to some of our trainings once the weather warms up. All well and good of course, as long as she is a spectator only. Oh well, at least I know what to give her for her next birthday - her own aluminium chainmail shirt. Let's hope she doesn't go all medieval on the boys that are teasing her in class(she is 9 and she started school 1 year earlier than the rest) or the teachers in her school. Its not that I am worried about the outcome, I just don't know how are we going to bury them all.

Now I know I may be in the process of creating the future warlord that will burn down your homes but we can't be sure can we? Right?!


 I also took the liberty of turning some of the photos into motivational posters. I just couldn't resist the temptation.

Ok that's all! Now move along citizen!

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That's so cute, especially those demotivationals. Excellent stuff.

Wooahh omg i want to be a lil cousing of yours and get free armor o3o, hahah id say kick ass!!!! this is you task to gear her up for her (hopefully not hard) life!,

"i want to be a knight when i grow up"

lol now you can XP

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