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Sunday, 25 December 2011

Lego man in full armor

You love lego. There are no exceptions, unless of course you are an alien trying to take over the world or a nazi or something. So yeah the idea was simple to implement once i got to making it.  The quality of the photos is quite poor this time. I'll do a new session tomorrow. The armor itself needs some fixing too its not symmetric or a good fit yet, but the lego man was more problematic to work than the bunny.
My eyes are very tired and I just can't go on for today so yeah - fixes and new photos tomorrow.

I used rhodium rings for this one - the smallest I could find, still not small enough to look great but its ok.

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This is great buddy. I do love Lego, and I love this guy too! Excellent work!

I like it! I just thought: how great would it look if you could actually find ring that are 10 times smaller!

oh wow that lego man is ready for battle! but in proportion i dont think it would help him with swords as small as the ring holes hehehe

Its actually really amazing you had the dexterity to make chainmail for a lego man!

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