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Saturday, 31 March 2012

Minecraft spider pendant

Phew, now I'm not dead, don't worry. A lot of my projects are slowly progressing, and real life is rearing its ugly head. Anyway, ever since I saw the model and made my first minecraft spider, I wanted to make another one - this time in the proper colours. During my last visit to the store where I buy supplies, I finally got properly tinted parts.

Aaaand here it is - the minecraft spider. I tried to make is as close as possible to the original, but well, i was still limited by the parts. Took me just a few minutes to make it.

 You know that feel when you finally got some lapus lazuli and happily try to get it to your home only to have a spider drop on your head? We know it too. 

Oh yeah - I kinda botched the eyes - should have used acrylic paints, but that's quick and easy to fix.

Front view.

Side view
 Rear on 3/4

Here you can see it worn around the neck

  I might add a drop of glue to the center to fix the legs from moving, but that's it. Next I'm going to make a properly tinted cave spider.

6 коментара:

Haha this spider looks nice!

good but not square enough

i like it, make an enderman one that would look cool

cool!Is made ​​of metal?or other?

That is the coolest nerdy necklace ever!

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