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Sunday, 4 March 2012

My repeating crossbow

Well then, since we are still on the crossbow thematic - Thats my repeating crossbow  with pump action mechanism. We made it quite a while ago. Well it wasn't me either - the woodwork was done by a carpenter, the trigger by a machine shop worker. Now i don't have the schematics since it wasn't done by me( i was mostly observer), and i can't disassemble it entirely - the trigger is screwed in, but i will take a photo session to show how the parts go.
Its very simple and easier to make than the the lever action crossbow - the chinese chu ko ni. A bit lacking in power but thats mostly because well - none of us knows how exactly to dry wood for bows, and it takes both hands to cock it.
 Magazine holds a good half a dozen bolts though you can stuff in more(I don't overload it).

Here's a video of it working - firing a 5 bolt clip.

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Man this crossbow is actually class, I never knew crossbows could be that cool like, amazing video too buddy.

This isn't a very powerfull crossbow though. The bolt is starting to fall prety fast after lauch:>

Pump-action crossbow? Man, I love Asians and their wacky inventions. <3

That`s awesome, mate. But how accurate these things are? Have you tried to shoot a dartboard with that?

looks great! love your blog, you got a new follower :D +1

If you want to build another repeating crossbow in the future maybe this will help:

Thats's a lever variant hungarian LARPfag. I decided against it for our first attempt because of the more complex construction.

it's not THAT complex if you look at that pic, and easier to operate in my opinion

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