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Friday, 16 March 2012

Newest purchase - Russian infantry shield - 13th century

This one falls to the bargain you can't miss type.

Today I bought a 13th c. Russian tear drop infantry shield from a local historical reenactor, for 30 euro - that would be 45 USD or something.

Its much sturdier than ours - being made from proper wood, and not plywood. It has real leather for straps and on the edges, overall I really can't complain in any way about design, material etc. Even the bolts holding the straps are not bought, but hammered out from pig iron.

 It is however, quite smaller than my own norman kite shield, and being a big guy myself, I probably won't be using it personally. Still, a nice audition to have.

Here you can see the two compared.

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Personally think it's awesome!

Awesome purchase mate, it's definitely well worth the money

that is an amazing buy. you said you use them? how do you use them?

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