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Saturday, 8 October 2011

Random thoughts

Now, Liata's commentary on the celtic stars got my gears running a bit. Why does it all have to have a specific purpose? Why does it have to be set in stone, this is done because of that and that? I mean, why do people everywhere do it? From music, to painting, sculpture, singing, writing and so on? Its because they can. Creativity is its own purpose. It is its own reward to. You don't ask why the wind goes, nor why rivers run. If something can be done it WILL be done simply because we can.

Pseudo-philosophic rant over.

I got another thing in mind. Now, while I can keep on making stuff for a long long time, I'm open to ideas. That is - yes, I might take on requests for something small to make. Chainmaille is like lego, with enough experience(and enough experiments) you can do almost anything .

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Another chain mail bra would be cool, or underwear or something. Keep up the good work regardless buddy, you're a real talent!

Maybe a set of earrings? Or a necklace?

I like your creations, keep it up bud.

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