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Sunday, 9 October 2011

(Finally) Both good and bad news on the edicational front

First - the good news. My lecture in  criminal procedure law (don't mix it with criminal code - that's the sets the different types of crimes, responsibility, liability and their respective punishments - the first is the actual ways of implementing them - from the police investigation, through courts and trial and eventually, verdict.) was moved from Saturday to Monday. That means - Yay FREEDOM! on Saturday, because seriously, nobody likes lectures on Saturday, especially if there is a hangover involved in this.

Buuuuut there is a bad side. Monday was my only day with only 1 thing on the program. Now, I don't have a time window big enough to go and work in that lawyer's firm, so basically my finances for the 1st semester lost one major source. No fun having free time on Saturday and no money for beer. 

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Saturday should be always free for beer and sleep. Good luck finding money for your beers and vodkas mate

Glad to hear your good news buddy, congratulations. Lectures on a Saturday is unheard of over here so I'm glad you're avoiding that!

no money for beer? thats pretty sad -_-

Oh no! There aren't any other jobs that would fit into your timeline?

I know how you feel, money during education is a bit of a pain sometimes.

Eh, its not that bad, I was not exactly swimming in cash but it was a nice little bit of independence that is :)

cool that you got saturday off

Those are some very difficult issues one has to deal with

\hmm thats a pretty crap predicament there! hope you find another way! :D

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