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Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Sir Fluffy 2 Electric Bugaloo

Right, so I remade the coif - it looks much better than the old one and its a matching outfit now. Also gave him a nail sword.

Overall the first micromaille I am honestly proud of.  I mean come on - he is awesome :) .

24 коментара:

This is so cute! He's gonna go medieval on someone's ass :D

I love his shield! That bunny means business.

Lil bunny in armor... like Redwall, except a million times cuter.

loving the dukenukem referance xD

Loved the Electric Boogaloo reference in this post, nice bunny as well, it's extremely cute.

I suppose you get tired of listening ppl say that your skillfull, but you are! xD

I shall require 1000 of these brave warriors!

Wow! This bunny is totally awesome! I want one!

This is awesome, you should mass produce these o_O

haha omg, u are really creative :D
good job

lol, epic bunny up there, LOVED IT :P

I actually want to buy this. Marketing deal!

Victory !!! Lol Nice bunny <3 it

Ебати сладурааааааа :D:D:D:D

Adorable! How long does it take you to make a set?


Well, not long - I made it for few hours per day over 2 days. Most of it was spent on designing it.

this is probably the cutest thing i've ever seen

you sir, are a genius,

I SO very much want to have this awesome bunny!

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